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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Recommended Apps

What apps do you use to help track your progress, and keep you on track? I have three apps that I like and use daily:

I like this app over other food tracking apps - it is easy to use, tracks all my goals (weight, waist, hip, chest, thigh, bicep, etc), tracks my macros (fat, protein, carbs, calories), and I am able to completely customize my daily goals and long term goals. It also identifies patterns and projects when I'll reach certain goals. I pay for the premium account (about $30/year - works out to about $2.50/month) and it is absolutely worth the fee. It also connects to my scale, my Apple Watch, my phone, Fitbit, Garmin, and tons of other fitness apps - so everything syncs on its own!
There is a community, so if you're using this app, please add me as a friend! My username is automatik2


Happy Scale - Download Link
I LOVE THIS APP! Yes, all caps LOVE! I weigh myself daily, and this app smooths out the daily weights and gives you trend lines to see when you'll hit certain goals or milestones. You can see true progress and not focus on the daily fluctuations, and see predictions on when you'll reach whatever milestones you input. You can set a big overall goal, and break it down into smaller goals, and celebrate each one of them along the way! It syncs with my other apps so everything is updated automatically. I paid for the lifetime premium access and it is absolutely worth the fee, but there are monthly and yearly options also. 
Happy Scale - Download Link

This app is great for reminding me to eat! You can set how many meals you want to eat each day (mine is set to 6), how much time you want in between each meal (mine is set to 2.5 hours), and what kind of reminders you want and when in between meals or approaching the next meal. This is AWESOME for those reminders because using alarms on my phone doesn't always sync with when I ate my first meal, and then I'd be trying to keep track in my head throughout the day, but with this app it starts from the moment I click that I'm eating my first Fueling of the day. This app is FREE! 
EatWise - Meal Reminder app