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Sunday, November 15, 2020

How to Calculate Optavia Lean and Green

Lean and Green Nutritional Parameters

Read here:

Here's a handy graphic to save with these guidelines, and bookmark this page!
Lean and Green Guidelines - OPTAVIA 5&1 - MyJourneyToAHealthyMe.com


  1. I love this chart and use it all the time!! However, it doesn't have any guidelines for Healthy Snacks. Do you happen to have those handy?

    P.S. My Coach loves this chart now, too! :-D

    1. Hi!
      The only approved healthy snacks are the Optavia branded ones you can buy under Snacks and More when you place your order, or what’s listed here: https://answers.optavia.com/help/optimal-weight-5-1-plan-what-snacks-can-i-have
      I also consider 2Tbsp PB2 as a healthy snack.
      But - that’s it!

  2. Can you advised what Rao's would count as a green - is it 1/2 a cup?

    1. Hi! It needs to be a tomato based sauce (not a cream sauce) and I suggest looking at the nutrition label, and adjusting the serving size so it fits all the parameters listed above for a Green. (Maximum 25 calories, maximum 5g carbs = 1 green)

  3. Rao's is no longer approved on Optavia. But these 2 brands are closer to requirements. The biggest difference is the Fat content & Rao's is quite a bit higher. Ummm, I think I saw that one of Hunt's would work as well but I'm not remembering which. Hope this helps!! :-)




  4. Also, depending on recipes, you CAN have certain Alfredo Sauces! Here's what we use & it's yummy!


    Just read labels & the world opens up with lots of possibilities. =)

    Here's a super yummy recipe using Alfredo Sauce that is Plan approved.



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