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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Lean and Green Meal - Scallops and Palmini Pasta

 Lean and Green meals don't have to be time consuming or complicated! I make variations of this often with different proteins, and sometimes adjusting the amount of Palmini to allow for a side salad too. 

Complete Lean and Green - Scallops and Palmini Pasta

This took me less than 10 minutes to prepare - sautéed scallops (seasoned with pepper) in a cast iron skillet for 3-4 mins per side, and rinsed the palmini angel hair pasta then tossed it in another cast iron skillet while the scallops cooked. I seasoned the palmini with basil and oregano, and 2tsp olive oil, then tossed it all together with the scallops.
73g of palmini pasta (heart of palm) is 1 green. This is three servings (219g) so 3 greens.
7 oz scallops is 1 LEANEST, so I needed two healthy fats (1tsp of olive oil is 1 healthy fat).
Together, it is a complete lean and green (and completely YUMMY!)

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